Build strength, stability and stamina throughout your body.


Our Matwork Pilates classes are a low-impact, excellent form of exercise to build strength, stability and stamina throughout your body. The class has a strong focus on abdominal strength, however, it is a total body conditioning workout. Throughout the class, you are using your own body weight, however small Pilate’s equipment such as resistance bands and Pilates balls can be used.

Pilates Classes

Our classes are run in smaller groups ensuring our participants receive individualised attention. The exercises can be modified to suit your strength level, where the instructor can give you an easier or more challenging version of each exercise.

A medical clearance is required if you have any condition or injury that may be affected by exercise.

It is recommended you purchase a class package as you are more likely to see and feel the results of pilates the more times you attend. As a bonus, you will also save yourself money!

When: Monday's: 4pm & 5pm Tuesday and Thursdays: 5pm